If you’re the kind of person who can’t get going in the morning without a latte, or you find that no meal is complete without a creamy espresso, a high-quality, easy-to-use coffee maker is essential.

After searching far and wide, we found that the Jura C65 Automatic Coffee Machine was one of the best automatic espresso machines available. This model had a seamless blend of usability and convenience and also brewed some really delicious drinks.

That’s right, it didn’t just brew espresso. It was capable of brewing latte and cappuccino as well. If you aren’t particularly concerned with variety, but do appreciate the simplicity and are still in the market for a top-of-the-line model, this coffee maker is the one for you.

However, there are still a number of other great options available, and we gave each one a thorough review so that you can decide for yourself which one will best supply your morning jolt.

How To Pick The Right One?

Ease Of Use

First and foremost, you’ll want to look at how easy the machine is to use. Are there a lot of confusing buttons or settings? Does it take hours to set up?

Convenience is a huge factor when looking for an espresso maker, and while some may still brew some delicious drinks, you’ll have to decide how much work you want to put into actually using it. With life being so busy, you may not always want to wait for your daily caffeine boost.


Next, you’ll want to look at what the machine can actually do. Some espresso makers can only make espresso, and don’t come with a frother or the ability to make other authentic drinks.

Variety is very important, and if you’re going to spend a large sum of money on a coffee maker, you’ll want it to be able to do as much as possible in the way of brewing. Look for a model that can not only make traditional espresso but also brew cappuccino, latte and other drinks.

The Grinder

Some may say that the model itself is the most important part of any good cup of coffee, while others may say it’s the beans you choose. However, the grinder that you use to actually process the beans before brewing is a huge factor when it comes to the overall taste and richness of an espresso.

When choosing a model you should not only check to see if there is a grinder built in, but also assess the grinder’s quality. Make sure it has adjustable fineness settings, and check to see how large the grinder’s capacity is.

A coffee maker that can not only grind beans with precision, but also store a large amount of beans will not only produce grounds to your exact liking, but will also require less refilling.

Special Features

Lastly, you should look at the special features in each machine as well as your individual needs. Take into account things like the programmable settings, whether or not there is a built-in frother or auto shutoff function, the capacity of the water tank and the speed at which the machine brews.

Additionally, ask yourself how much coffee you’ll actually be brewing. If you’re an avid drinker, and take your cup of joe seriously, you’ll want to spring for something a little more robust and reliable.

On the other hand, if you’re an occasional drinker, you may be able to get away with a more modest product with less going on when it comes to features and versatility.

Top 15 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews


1.  Saeco HD8645/47 X-Small Vapore (Check Price on

Saeco HD8645/47

First on our list is the Saeco HD8645/47 X-Small Vapore. We liked this model because it didn’t take up much space, had a built-in 5-Step grinder, a 1-litre water-tank and an on-board frother.

It also enables you to brew two cups of coffee at the same time, which we felt made it great for parties or entertaining guests. The brewing components are removable, so cleaning the unit is incredibly easy.

The Saeco HD8645 also heats up quickly through a built-in heating boiler.

This cuts down on the time it takes to not only brew your first cup of coffee, but it also allows you to brew an additional one shortly after.

The interface was also convenient and easy to use.

You can still fine tune your model settings, but if you’re on the go, there is a one-touch brewing option that you can use to get your coffee in a hurry. Lastly, there is a memo function that allows you to adjust the brewing length to your specific tastes.

Whether you like your coffee strong or mild, you can customize each shot you brew.

Considering the small size and low price of the Saeco HD8645, we found it to be an excellent choice for those looking for a home brewing option that is high-quality but also won’t break the bank.


2. Gaggia Anima Deluxe (Check Price on

Gaggia Anima Deluxe

Next up is the Gaggia Anima Deluxe coming in a slightly higher but still affordable price point, the Gaggia Anima is equipped with a built-in frother to make cappuccino, has programmable settings for espresso and lungo, a temperature control with 3 settings, an easily accessible 60 ounce water tank and bean hopper as well as a low-energy standby mode.

The Gaggia Anima is well-made and has a robust design, but didn’t quite brew as well as some others on our list.

The built-in frother occasionally left us with watery foam, rather than the dense kind that adds the proper texture to cappuccinos, and despite the interface being easy to maneuver we found that it didn’t give us very many options for customizing our drinks.

There is a 15-bar pump contained in the coffee machine is advertised to pump water through the coffee grounds efficiently, but it still left a lot to be desired when it came to the kind of crema you’ll find on other espresso shots. The layer was thin and not all that flavorful.

The biggest bonus of this model is the ease of use.

There’s a bright, easily maneuverable LCD screen that alerts you to things like low water, descaling, low beans, or routine cleaning or maintenance. If convenience is your concern over the quality of your coffee, it may still be worth a look.


3. The Best One Touch Model: Gaggia Anima Prestige (Check Price on

Gaggia Anima Prestige

Not only was the Gaggia Anima Prestige a noticeable step up from the Gaggia Anima Deluxe, but we also found it to be the best one-touch we reviewed.

It had both one-touch brewing and frothing, which made making specialty drinks like cappuccino, macchiato and latte fast and easy.

In addition to being able to create these drinks with the touch of a button, it also gives you the option to customize each one to your liking. There was also an on-board temperature control feature with a minimum temperature of 177.5F and a max of 184.5F.

The water reservoir and bean hopper were also easy to access.

The reservoir was located on the top left of the machine, and the bean hopper can be found on the top right. Cleaning this is also very easy, as it has a removable brew group like a lot of the other models on our list.


4.  Saeco Granbaristo (Check Price on

Saeco HD8964/47 Gran Baristo

Another excellent coffee machine you’ll want to check out is the Saeco Granbaristo. Be warned: this model is well over one grand. However, it has a sleek design, an extremely simple interface, and also gives you incredible versatility.

It doesn’t just brew; the Saeco Granbaristo can brew up to 18 different drinks, including cappuccino, macchiato as well as regular coffee.

This comes as a result of the built-in VariPresso brewing chamber.

The chamber adjusts its pressure to accommodate the necessary coffee extraction for just about any drink you can think of. It also has programmable user profiles that remember all of the drinks it makes.

If you’re the kind of person who will be using this in a home with other coffee drinkers, this feature is essential, and will prevent you from having to reenter your settings every time you brew.

Like the others on our list, the Saeco Granbaristo also has an adjustable grinder.

The grinder is ceramic, and lets you chose from 5 different levels of fineness for a custom grind. You’ll be able find the perfect balance between a coarse grind and a finer one for easy customization of your espresso.

Lastly, the water tank is extremely efficient, and has reduced overall water consumption up to 80 percent over its predecessor, making it an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious.

The price might be high, but there’s no question that the Saeco Granbaristo is a quality product.


5. Saeco Exprelia (Check Price on

Saeco HD8856/47 Exprelia

The Saeco Exprelia is without question the best Saeco model. That being said, the Exprelia was slightly more complicated to use than the Granbaristo, and took some time to figure out.

The front  has a total of 8 buttons and while they were clearly labeled, we would have liked for there to be more of an economical user interface. There was a screen, but it seemed excessive with all of the buttons surrounding it.

One excellent feature of the Exprelia was the built-in milk jug.

The jug actually whisks the milk twice and rids it of bubbles or impurities, leaving you with pure, thick foam. Also, if you’re the kind of person that has a coffee drink they really love, you can save your preferences using the memory function.

With this feature, you can take some extra steps out of your morning routine and have your preferred beverage ready when you are.

The Exprelia also has a self-cleaning function and uses to steam to clean the milk whipping components.

You won’t have to remove the jug to clean it, and overall the unit requires very little maintenance. You’ll also be able to brew 5000 cups of coffee before you need to descale it.

However, when you use an approved AquaClean filter, it will disable its descaling notifications.


6. Saeco HD8930 Royal One Touch (Check Price on

Saeco HD8930/47 Royal One Touch

While we still felt that the Saeco Exprelia was the best Saeco model, the Saeco Royal deserves an honorable mention. The only thing that prevented it from taking the number one spot when it came to Saeco models was that it was just too big, and didn’t feel like it could have an honest place on a kitchen counter.

It did have a double boiler that made for almost no wait time when it came to frothing milk or brewing espresso. Like most high-end models, it did have adjustable coffee, temperature, size and strength settings.

You’ll also find two ceramic grinders so you’ll always have fresh grinds ready to be brewed.

The large capacity of the water tank and bean hopper was both a positive and a negative.

On the one hand, the 74 ounce water tank didn’t need to be refilled very often nor did the 12 ounce bean hopper, but these larger components made the overall machine too big and bulky. It seems like it would fit in better in an office kitchen than on a kitchen countertop.


7.  Gaggia Brera (Check Price on

Gaggia Brera

On the other end of the price spectrum is the Gaggia Brera. It is a sub 1000 dollar coffee machine, and while it isn’t as sophisticated or compact as the Saeco Granbaristo, it can still brew a somewhat acceptable espresso without being overly-complicated to use.

That being said, it is one of bulkier models on our list, and is going to require a good deal of counter space. The front of this model is simple, and lets you choose the size of your drink as well as set the machine to produce hot water for tea or an Americano. There is a built-in frother that doubles as the hot water dispenser, as well as a ceramic grinder in the back of the machine.

Everything about this model was pretty easy to access, specifically the dregs drawer, the drip tray and water tank.

Each component is accessible from the front of the machine, making maintenance simple. However, when it came the quality of the coffee the Gaggia Brera made, you may find a lot left to be desired.

The flavor was a bit dull, and even by adjusting the grinder, we still found that the crema was thin and not very tasty.

When it comes to overall ease of use and stress-free maintenance, the Gaggia Brera is a home run, but you should be aware that its coffee isn’t as good as some made by other available models.


8. Jura E8 (Check Price in

Jura E8

If you’re looking for high-quality coffee and aren’t afraid to pay top dollar for it, the Jura E8 coffee maker is definitely worth considering. First and foremost, the Jura E8 comes with something called Pulse Extraction Process technology which is designed to optimize coffee extraction time.

This will enable you to brew specialty drinks like ristretto, even though drinks like this may usually have a shorter extraction time.

You’ll also find 8 different intensity levels, as well as 12 programmable specialty drinks, including cappuccino, macchiato and, of course, espresso. Unlike a lot of the other coffee makers on our list, the Jura E8 has a 6 level grinder for even more fineness choices.

This only has six buttons, but has an LCD screen that is easy to navigate when customizing drinks. It can also brew two espressos at a time, making it perfect for parties or hosting guests in the home. We also found that the espresso it brewed had a full, powerful taste and that the crema was flavorful and thick on each shot.

It’s one of the more expensive models Jura makes, but based on its performance and its usability, is well worth the price.


9. Jura Z6 (Check Price on

jura z6

In general, Jura models are impressive, and the Jura Z6 is no exception. Much like the Jura E8, it makes use of Pulse Extraction Process technology in order to optimize extraction time for ristretto and espresso.

One improvement you’ll find over the Jura E8 is the way it produces foam. There is a nozzle that seamlessly switches from producing milk to foam automatically, making it perfect for cappuccino.

You’ll also find a number of pre-programmed drinks in the Jura Z6, but you can easily alter them to your liking or save your own.

It only has one boiler; however, it heats up quickly and you won’t experience much wait time between drinks. One concern you may have with the Jura Z6 is the temperature. We found that even when the temperature was set as high as possible, our drinks came out lukewarm at best.

Granted, espresso doesn’t need to be piping hot to be enjoyable, but it would have been nice for the machine to have more of a variability in temperature.

Some other things we noticed about the Z6 were that the machine didn’t allow access to the brew group, and that it ran through filters fairly quickly. You can expect to have to change the filter every 2 or 3 weeks, and will only be able to use filters made by Jura.

That being said, it does recognize the filters wirelessly, and applies the best possible settings to each one you install.


10. Jura J90 (Check Price on

Jura J90

Also from Jura is the J90. It has a similar price to the other Jura models on our list, but seems to be the most basic. It didn’t appear to have the Pulse Extraction Process technology that was built into the other Jura machines we looked at but it was very intuitive.

We almost felt that the TFT display and controls were self-explanatory. There are only six buttons on the front of the machine, and each corresponded to a different selection on the display.

It is also adjustable in a variety of ways.

You can choose the water mount used, the temperature as well as the overall strength of each cup of espresso, and you can also raise or lower the spout to fit a number of different-sized glasses.

The Aroma+ grinder is also fast, and ensured that there were always fresh grounds ready to be brewed. Lastly, most drinks can be brewed with the push of one button.

While the coffee that the Jura J90 made was flavorful, there was a noticeable reduction in quality from the Z6.

It was slightly more watery, but still did have a rich flavor overall. You’ll still be able to brew two espresso shots at once, and the machine is extremely easy to navigate.


11. The Best Value: Jura C65 (Check Price on

At nearly half the price of some of the other Jura machines on our list, the Jura C65 easily yields the best value.

You won’t find a built-in display like on the J90, but in some ways that made this model even easier and less complicated to use. In fact, its best quality was the simplicity in its brewing.

To brew coffee all you’ll need to do is select the drink you want from the left-hand dial, and then press the center button. The same applies to the built-in frother. You can set it to froth milk, or dispense hot water by using the corresponding dial.

The coffee spout is also adjustable so that you can fit it to a variety of glasses ranging from 2.6 to 4.4 inches, and there is a conical grinder in the back of the machine to ensure freshly ground beans at all times.

It may not be as versatile as some of its contemporaries, but the Jura C65 still brews a rich, flavorful espresso that rivals those of many other similarly priced models available.

We found the crema to be thick and tasty, and the coffee itself to have a full-bodied flavor. It’s still not a cheap model, but if you’re looking for something that isn’t off-the-charts expensive, this may be a good choice.


12. Top Choice For Fully Automatic: Jura Giga 5 (Check Price on

Jura Giga 5

Of all the Jura coffee makers on our list, this one is by the most robust and high-performing. It is also the most expensive, and seemed like it might be a little bit too heavy-duty for the average coffee drinker.

First and foremost, the Giga 5 has two coffee grinders that guarantee fast and even grinds thanks to two electronically controlled motors.

You won’t find that the grind is particularly special, but it’s hard not to be impressed by the capacity of each grinder as well as the speed at which they process beans.

There is also a variable dual-spout that can be adjusted between 2.75 and 6.25 inches, as well as width adjusted between 0.78 and 2.0 inches. The spouts dispense coffee, milk and foam and automatically distribute the right amount for your selected drink. For example, in a macchiato the machine will tell the spout to dispense warm milk into the glass, then foam and last, coffee.

You’ll also get 12 built-in coffee drinks that you can access with the Rotary Switch.

The built-in TFT screen guides you through the preparation process for each drink as well. You may only be concerned with espresso shots, and probably haven’t heard of some of these creations, but they’re still available any time with the Giga 5.

Choices include Marrochino, Pepresso, White Cool, flavored latte macchiato, Irish coffee, Winter Magic Coffee, Shakerato, Mango Lassi and Summer Fire. You may not wake up every morning with a hankering for one of these drinks, but being able to make them at parties is a sure way to keep your guests happy.

If you’re willing to spend nearly three times as much as you would on a lesser Jura machine, you may want to take a look at the Jura Giga 5.

However, if you’re more of a casual coffee drinker, you may not be interested in all of the features of the Giga 5. You can likely get exactly what you want out of a coffee maker for a much lower price.

13. Top Choice For Home Use: Krups EA81 Pisa (Check Price on

Krups EA81 Pisa

While any of the espresso machines on our list could be used in the home, we found the Krups Pisa to lend itself the best to kitchens or smaller living spaces.

It had the best blend of convenience, ease-of-use and quality, and wasn’t overly-complicated or loaded with unnecessary features. In a way, its simplicity made it even more perfect for the home.

It comes with a large LCD screen that was easy to navigate with the clearly labeled controls. You’ll also find a 60 ounce water tank that alerts you when it runs low on water, as well as a programmable clock with automatic start and auto-off features. We found these additions to be perfect for home use, especially for those that operate on a regular schedule.

Lastly, there is an omni-directional steam nozzle that allows you to make lattes and cappuccino, as well as a smart drip tray that alerts you when it needs to be emptied.

There are a few things worth noting if you’re considering this model. The water tank is located on the back of it, so you’ll have to position it in your kitchen in a way that allows you easy access when the tank needs refilling.

Also, we found that this model gave us a better grind with less-oily beans. The crema was thicker, and the espresso had a much fuller flavor.


14. Top Delonghi Machine: Delonghi ECAM 23210SB (Check Price on

De'Longhi ECAM 23.210.B

The Delonghi ECAM 23210SB has a lot of the same features as some larger Delonghi machine, but is a smaller, more user-friendly version that made us think it was actually the best machine that the company makes.

It has 15 bars of pressure, a stainless steel conical burr grinder, an adjustable coffee spout to accommodate a number of different-sized cups, as well as a removable 60 ounce water tank. You’ll also be able to use the hot water spout for non-coffee drinks like tea or hot chocolate, or as a milk frother.

There are two spouts, and a variety of different settings to choose from. Each one can be accessed from the front of the machine through a series of clearly labeled buttons.

You’ll be able to select the strength of the brew, as well as your preferred espresso size. You can brew two shots at a time, or use the built-in cleaning function to get it ready for its next use.

At just over 1000 dollars, the Delonghi ECAM 23210SB can’t do everything, but we found that it yielded the best value, and was also able to rival most other Delonghi coffee makers when it came to taste and coffee quality.


15. Java WSD 18-060 (Check Price on

 JAVA WSD18-060

It may not have been as popular or as expensive as the other coffee makers we checked out, but the Java WSD can still have a place in the home. This is especially true for those who want decent coffee on a budget.

Despite being well under a grand, the Java WSD has an integrated LCD display and notifies you when you need to add water or clean it.

It also had options for adjusting the intensity and size of its coffee drinks. There is also a built-in grinder that only grinds beans right before brewing to ensure freshness. Lastly, it had an automatic cleaning function.

There is also a built-in steamer that worked well, but still required that there be a rubber tube exposed.

It didn’t take away from the machine’s performance, but it did affect the aesthetic of the machine, and had us worried about how it might look in the home.

Certainly there are other more impressive machines available, but the Java WSD is affordable, has many of the same features as some more expensive machines, and still brews a tasty cup of espresso.

It made the list because of its simplicity as well as its low price.


Final Verdict

Jura C65

Check Price on

While it was a tough decision, we still believe that the Jura C65 is the best, most affordable coffee maker for its price. It doesn’t have a lot of the features that other Jura machines have, but will only run you about 1000 dollars and is one of the most easy to use machines available.

Contrast that with the Jura Giga 5 which sells for nearly 6000 dollars, and you’ll see why this model has incredible value. We found that it still brewed espresso that was comparable to its more expensive successor, but was lacking in a few features that some may even find unnecessary.

If you’re the kind of person who takes their coffee seriously, but also wants to keep things simple, we would highly recommend the Jura C65.

Top Product Under $1000

Jura Ena Micro 1

Check Price on

If you like the Jura brand, but aren’t totally sold on it enough to spend 1000 dollars on the C65, the Jura Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine is an excellent substitute. It’s much smaller than the other Jura machines, can brew one cup at a time, and has a multi-level grinder and micro brewing unit built-in.

The machine places convenience and size above all else, but still brews the same unmistakable rich, flavorful cup of espresso as the other larger Jura mos on our list. As a cheaper alternative, it’s certainly worth.