Delonghi Super Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews – Picking The Best One For Your Needs

Are you looking for a way to save money on coffee? With a DeLonghi super automatic espresso machine, you can recoup the money you spent in just a year or less. These machines not only come with settings designed for grinding beans, but the machines can also add milk, use different water amounts or temperatures and even make specialty drinks like a latte macchiato or cappuccino.

The ESAM900 Prima Donna model is easily the top choice from DeLonghi. This super automatic espresso maker outlasts the competition and comes with features like a 47-ounce water reservoir, a one touch design that saves your drink settings and a button for making hot chocolate.

Top 10 DeLonghi Super Automatic Espresso Machines on the Market

DeLonghi ESAM900 Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Maker

DeLonghi ESAM900 Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Maker (Check Price on

With this Prima Donna model from DeLonghi, you can now make rich hot chocolate that will make you swoon. Not only does it come with a dedicated chocolate carafe, but it also uses the milk from the included canister to create a sinfully rich hot chocolate with just the push of a button. It even has a button on the front for making this type of drink.
Other nearby buttons let you select other drinks like a cappuccino or a latte macchiato. Its long button pours a longer shot of coffee out for filling a larger cup. There is also a separate milk button for adding milk to your coffee or for getting a cup of warm milk.
The patented latte crema feature ensures that you get the type of rich crema that you get in a coffee shop. This feature is great for a latte macchiato or another layered drink. It pours a thick layer or crema in the bottom of the cup that can easily stand up to the coffee added later.

DeLonghi ECAM28465 Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Maker

DeLonghi ECAM28465 Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Maker (Check Price on Amazon)

Simple controls and a bright screen make this Prima Donna model one of the easiest super automatic espresso makers from DeLonghi for home use. That bright screen lets you make a cup and make your selections without turning on the lights or waking others in your home. Small arrow buttons below are perfect for increasing or decreasing the strength of your coffee, the water temperature and other settings.
Next to the power button on the front is a button that lets you decide how much coffee you want to make. This button lets you make a smaller shot of espresso or a larger cup of coffee. The pour spouts on the front adjust to fit your cup and add just the right amount of coffee based on the recipe you selected.
Its internal water reservoir can hold up to two full liters and easily comes out for cleaning. The model also comes with a dedicated water spout for getting hot water and a memory function that lets you save your drink preferences.

DeLonghi ESAM6620 Gran Dama Super Automatic Beverage Center

DeLonghi ESAM6620 Gran Dama Super Automatic Beverage Center (Check Price on

Thanks to a built-in hot milk system, this Gran Dama model can make all your favorite beverages in seconds. Called a Single Touch system by the manufacturer, it brings your milk up to temperature for adding crema to a latte macchiato or adding some steamed milk to a cappuccino. Its removable milk canister will work with any type of milk too.
A digital control panel on the front lets you decide when the machine should turn on and when it turns off. These timer settings help you make a cup before you climb out of bed and ensures that the machine shuts down when you leave the house. You can also use that menu to choose between four different cup sizes and five different coffee strengths.
Cleaning this machine is easy because it comes with a cleaning cycle that rinses out the brewing chamber, but you can also remove the brewing chamber for fast cleaning. The drip tray on the front, which catches any spills, also slides off for easy cleaning.

DeLonghi ECAM23450SL Superautomatic Espresso Machine

DeLonghi ECAM23450SL Superautomatic Espresso Machine( Check Price on

A digital display and stylish buttons on the front of this superautomatic espresso machine give it a slightly futuristic look. Those buttons let you select the number of cups you want to brew. A knob located in the center of these buttons helps you select the strength of your coffee and the type of drink you want to make.
Its digital menu also gives you access to its timer functions. Turn on the timer the night before to have a cup brewed and waiting for you when you get out of bed in the morning. Its auto shutdown feature lets you tell the machine how long it should run without any activity before it shuts down.
A new energy saving mode helps you save on the energy that you waste during the day too. DeLonghi claims that you can save up to 77% on energy consumption with this feature. You simply flip the switch to tell the machine to enter this mode, and it will then pull less energy from your home’s system.

DeLonghi ECAM23460S Digital Super Automatic Machine

DeLonghi ECAM23460S Digital Super Automatic Machine (Check Price on

Though it may not look as high-tech as some of the other DeLonghi models, this digital super automatic espresso machine is great for those in a hurry. You can use the timer feature to set your grinding preference, coffee strength, water temperature and even number of cups needed. The machine will then brew one or two cups and start at the time that you set.
That digital display gives you total access to all its features too. Not only can you scroll through different drink choices with the front knob, but you can view all the information you need on that digital display. It even comes with a cup warmer on top that keeps your mugs hot, which can keep your coffee hot too.
DeLonghi designed this model with fast and convenient cleaning in mind. Many of the components come out for cleaning in your sink or running through your dishwasher. Indicator lights on the front turn on to let you know when you need to clean the machine and descale it.

DeLonghi ESAM3500.N Magnifica Digital Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

DeLonghi ESAM3500.N Magnifica Digital Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine (Check Price on

Those who love cappuccino and espresso drinks will love this digital machine from DeLonghi, which comes with its own patented cappuccino milk frother. This frother pulls milk from the removable milk canister, adds just the right amount of steam to produce a rich foam and then adds that foam to your cup. You can even use the system for making a latte macchiato and other drinks that require two layer of foam.
Its Direct to Brew system makes brewing coffee a breeze. With this system, you can choose all your grinding and brewing selections upfront and make changes later. When you press a button on the front, the machine will grind the beans, mix the beans for water for brewing and even heat up the milk. Its conical burr grinder comes with a range of settings too.
Handy buttons on the front let you make a cappuccino based off your preferences with just a touch of that button. You can also press a button to dispense hot water from the internal water reservoir, enter the main menu to change your settings or change the amount of coffee dispensed into your cup. It comes with a coffee strength button too.

DeLonghi ECAM23260 Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker

DeLonghi ECAM23260 Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker (Check Price on

Make single and double shots with ease with this Magnifica model from DeLonghi. Unlike other machines that will dispense a double shot but no milk, this machine actually has a double shot setting that will double both the amount of coffee and the amount of milk necessary to fill your mug. The 2X button on the front quickly makes this adjustment.
The auto clean setting makes cleaning easier than you ever imagined. Clicking this button will quickly rinse and clean the milk carafe. You can also clean the inside of the machine with a touch of a button, and some parts come out for convenient cleaning too.
An internal bean container can hold nearly nine ounces of beans, and it comes with a lid that locks in the flavor of those beans. Choose from 13 different grinding settings based on what you like, or use the bypass chamber for making coffee from ground beans.

DeLonghi ECAM23210SB Super Automatic Coffee Machine

DeLonghi ECAM23210SB Super Automatic Coffee Machine (Check Price on

The impressive 15 bars used on this model ensure that you get every drop of flavor from your beans. Those bars do a great job of pushing the coffee beans through the hopper and into the brewing chamber, but those bars also push the water across the beans to get more flavor out during the brewing phase. The conical steel burr grinder, made from stainless steel, also ensures that each bean reaches that chamber.
With a removable water tank that can hold up to 60 ounces, this super automatic coffee machine is great for a group. You can use the adjustable coffee spouts on the front for adding coffee to any cup, and the attached steam wand adds frothed milk to your coffee. This model is great for more than just coffee though because it comes with a dedicated hot water spout that lets you fill your mug with hot water for making tea and hot chocolate.

DeLonghi ECAM23210B Compact Magnifica S Beverage Center

DeLonghi ECAM23210B Compact Magnifica S Beverage Center (Check Price on

Get all the rich coffee flavor that you want and access to multiple recipes with the Compact Magnifica from DeLonghi, which has a smaller footprint that takes up far less space than other machines do. You still get all the great features that you love though, including a conical burr grinder inside that works with its Direct to Brew system, a mode that helps you save on your energy bills and a cappuccino system that mixes milk with steam before adding froth to your cup.
Thanks to a built-in filtration system, you can make delicious drinks from your own tap water. This model sends that water through several different filters to remove all the impurities that change the flavor of your coffee. The front of the Compact Magnifica S comes with buttons for easily selecting between one and two cups of coffee, changing the overall strength of that coffee and using the bypass chamber for making coffee from ground beans.

DeLonghi ESAM5500B Perfecta Super Automatic Espresso Machine

DeLonghi ESAM5500B Perfecta Super Automatic Espresso Machine (Check Price on

If you want a DeLonghi model that will fit with your budget, consider this Perfecta model, which is one of the more affordable super automatic espresso makers on the market. Thanks to its Single Touch system, you can fill the removable canister with milk, slide that canister into the front of the machine and let the maker bring it up to temperature.
DeLonghi added a Direct to Brew system that makes it easier than ever to brew the perfect cup of coffee. With this system, you make all your selections ahead of time and add your beans to the hopper. The machine will then grind and brew those beans based on your preferences. You can add beans right before brewing a cup, but you can also keep those beans stored inside.
The double boiler system tucked inside cuts down on the time you spend waiting between cups. This system lets the machine heat water to two different temperatures for brewing an espresso and a cappuccino within seconds without waiting for the water to cool.

Which is The Best DeLonghi Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

The DeLonghi ESAM900 Prima Donna Automatic Espresso Makers (Check Price on

Winner: The DeLonghi ESAM900 Prima Donna Automatic Espresso Makers

Make dozens of coffee drinks with just a touch of a button thanks to the DeLonghi ESAM900 Prima Donna Automatic Espresso Makers. Its patented latte creama system tops your drinks with a rich and frothy layer of cream, and when making some drinks, this system can even add milk to both the top and bottom of your cup. The milk canister on the front keeps your milk cold and uses that milk to produce this crema.
This is the only model that comes with a dedicated hot chocolate maker that uses real chocolate. The included carafe mixes that chocolate with hot water or milk to make a a drink that tastes like one served in a real restaurant. You’ll also like the integrated color display on the front that shows you all the drinks you can make.