Gaggia 100330 Accademia Espresso Machine Review – Worth The Investment?

Gaggia 100330 Accademia Espresso Machine (Check Price on

With a super espresso machine, you do not need to keep a coffee grinder in your kitchen because the machine has its own built-in grinder as well as a water tank and a bean hopper. The Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine takes all the hard work out of making espresso at home and has a ceramic grinder for grinding beans to the perfect texture and consistency. It also has a sleeker design and can make up to 10 cups of coffee as long as you have enough beans and water.

Worth the Investment?

The Accademia Espresso Machine from Gaggia is well worth the investment but only for those who want a machine that can handle a large group. It has containers that hold enough milk, water and coffee for making up to 10 cups in a single cycle. The ceramic burr grinder, which has several settings, adds to the machine’s overall value.

With a fancier look than other machines have, it’s not surprising that this machine requires more maintenance and regular cleaning. It may surprise you though that you need to ship the entire machine back to the manufacturer when it needs a repair. Gaggia did add a pre-brewing feature though that can make cheaper beans taste more expensive because this process extracts every drop of flavor from the beans you add to the hopper, which has a double seal lid to keep beans fresher.

The Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe Espresso Machine is a solid alternative. This espresso machine has similar features, costs about the same and has stronger and higher customer reviews.


As a coffee drinker who prefers bitter espresso or coffee drinks with a sweeter taste, the Gaggia 100330 Accademia Espresso Machine is a good choice for your home. The digital screen lets you see the amount of flavor extracted from the beans and allows you to adjust the strength of the final cup. This screen works with the built-in recipes that each correspond to a button on the front.

If you have a passion for creamier drinks, you will appreciate the milk canister used on this machine. That canister can hold all the milk that you need for the drinks you make during the day and will keep that milk cool. Various settings let you select the amount of milk froth you want and can also let you select traditional steamed milk.

Using cheaper beans is a serious problem with other machines because those machines cannot work with thicker or coarser beans. The Accademia features its own bean hopper with a double seal lid that locks in flavors and keeps cheaper beans fresh for weeks at a time. This machine also has a pre-brewing feature that pulls the maximum amount of flavor out of any beans that you want to use.

This espresso machine also has some features that are standard across most machines like a removable drip try that catches any liquids spilled onto the front and a separate chamber for making espresso drinks from ground coffee. Dedicated buttons run maintenance and cleaning cycles to extend the life of the machine, though you may need to send it back to the manufacturer for repairs. Gaggia requires shipping the machine back while it’s under warranty and may hold it for longer than you would like.


• Telescoping coffee spouts accommodate most standard cup sizes
• Compatible with optional filters from Brita that filter and clean hard water
• Works with both coffee beans as well as ground coffee from the store
• Pre-brewing system pulls maximum flavor from any type of beans used
• Program cup settings allow users to make up to 10 cups in one cycle
• Double lid on the bean hopper functions as an aroma saver to lock in the freshness of beans
• Features front buttons for accessing cleaning and maintenance cycles
• Includes a milk frother and built-in settings for frothing milk or cream
• Coffee canister for using ground coffee pops off the front
• Ceramic burr grinder has several fineness settings


• Way too expensive for most users
• Requires more maintenance than similar machines

Gaggia 100330 Accademia Espresso Machine (Check Price on