Gaggia Anima Automatic Coffee Machine Review – Worth The Investment?

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Espresso is a type of strong coffee drink that might be too strong for some. If you aren’t fond of the bitter flavor of espresso by itself, you’ll like the Gaggia Anima Automatic Coffee Machine, which lets you cut the taste of that coffee with the addition of hot milk. This is one of the top coffee machines for those who like coffee and milk drinks because it has a frothing attachment that lets you steam or froth milk the way you like it.

Worth the Investment?

We recommend the Gaggia Anima Automatic Coffee Machine for espresso lovers on a budget because you can get a machine that performs better or makes more drinks, but you’ll need to spend more to get one of those machines. This is more of a basic coffee maker that can create an espresso or an espresso lungo with one touch from the beans, water and milk that you have in your kitchen. It doesn’t come with nearly as many recipes as you’ll find in other machines.

Another issue with the Anima is that it runs pretty loudly. Some customers even complained that they could hear it from another room.

Though the Anima doesn’t make many specialty drinks, it does have its own patented steaming wand that lets you steam milk inside a mug or a milk jug. It also features convenient alerts that pop up on the screen to keep you from running out of beans or milk and to help you clean the machine.


One of the best features of the Gaggia Anima is its built-in alerts. Each time that you turn on the machine, it checks the levels in the bean hopper and the water tank and will alert you when either runs low. Those alerts also tell you when scale builds up inside to help you know when to descale the machine and when it needs a standard cleaning.

In addition to a menu button that gives you access to the main menu, the Gaggia Anima comes with a steam button and a hot water button. Pressing the hot water button pushes water out through the steam wand, but if you press the steam button, the wand will release steam at a high pressure. You can use that steam to quickly froth a larger or smaller container of milk.

Using the aroma strength button changes and enhances the aroma that comes from the machine as it brews and can improve the quality and flavor of your espresso too. The Anima also has buttons for making a traditional espresso or for an espresso lungo, which extends the brewing process to adjust the flavor provided.

You’ll also like the two-year warranty that Gaggia provides, which covers all parts of the machine. If you experience any problems, the manufacturer allows you to ship your Anima to its New York factory for free or cheap repairs.


• Gaggia designed a steam wand that actually injects the milk with air to create more air bubbles and a thicker froth
• Espresso and espresso lungo buttons on the front offer one-touch operation for certain drinks
• Lets you manually use the steam wand after pressing the steam button to steam and froth milk in a cup or another container
• Has three temperature settings that can increase the heat of brewed espresso up to 184.5 degrees Fahrenheit
• Features durable panels on the exterior in a darker shade to give the machine a modern design
• Includes a two-year warranty that covers repairs to all parts like the display and grinder
• Alerts you automatically when you need to add more water to the tank or beans to the hopper
• Other alerts tell you when to do any routine maintenance on the machine or when to descale it
• Has a shot size option for making a single or double shot of espresso
• Low energy mode automatically comes on and keeps the machine from consuming high amounts of power


• Does not include as many drink recipes or options as other espresso machines do
• Runs so loud that you can hear it while in another room

Gaggia Anima Automatic Coffee Machine (Check Price on