Gaggia Anima Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

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When choosing a super automatic espresso machine, there are several factors that you have to consider. With different companies flamboyantly advertising their espresso machines as the best, it would make perfect sense to do your homework right. To ensure that you choose the best super automatic espresso machine, you must research on the company that produces the machine. You must make sure that you buy a machine that is manufactured by a highly reputable and well-established company. Luckily, an exemplary example of such a company is Gaggia.

Gaggia is a respectable Italian manufacturer of coffee machines. Its founder, Achille Gaggia, is hailed as the father of modern espresso machine. He invented the first lever piston espresso back in 1948 and forever changed the world of espresso brewing. Gaggia combines over 75 years of experience to offer coffee enthusiasts with a wide range of espresso machines including professional, manual, and automatic espresso machines. One of its top line super automatic espresso machine is the Gaggia Anima Super Automatic Espresso Machine (Check price on With this machine, you do not need any barista training; it will make you one. Below is an in-depth review of this super automatic espresso maker.

What is the Gaggia Anima Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

Gaggia Anima is a super automatic machine that is easy to use and descale. This super automatic machine will enable to experience the mastery of a professional barista. If you are a coffee lover, this machine yearns to make a barista out of you. Gaggia Anima Super Automatic Espresso Machine features a host of features that will enable you to prepare quality espresso and coffee drinks. With this machine, you will enjoy the taste of delicious espresso or other coffee drink variations, made freshly from coffee beans at the touch of a button.

Gaggia Anima Super Automatic Espresso Machine brews with a powerful 15 bar pump. The 15 bar pump pumps water at high pressure through the ground coffee to ensure better-tasting, crema-topped espresso. At the front of the machine, you will find two dedicated drink buttons that designated for espresso and espresso lungo. The setting of the two button can be adjusted in order to fit your preferred specification for your espresso drinks.

Key Features and Specifications

When an espresso made at home tastes like one made in a cafeteria by a professional barista, then it has to have been brewed by an espresso machine that has innovative features. Some of the key features that will help you to brew quality espresso and coffee with Gaggia Anima include.

Ceramic Grinder

It is important to choose an e that has the right type of grinder, made from apt material. A metal grinder would be a bad choice because it might burn the coffee beans while grinding; hence, mess with the quality of the espresso drink. Luckily, Gaggia Anima is equipped with a durable ceramic grinder for pure coffee aroma. The ceramic grinder plays a focal role in helping you prepare barista-quality espresso because it ensures that the coffee beans are finely ground. This ensures maximum extraction of the essential aromas and oils in the grinding process.

Adjustable Dispensing Head

This is a very notable feature yet overlooked by many espresso machines. The adjustable dispensing head gives you the freedom to use any cup as long as it does not exceed 5.9 inches.

Digital Display

Using the Gaggia Anima is plain sailing. Whatever you do with this espresso machine, the digital display ensures that your navigation is just but a walk in the park. The digital display improves visibility and offers you instant feedback on the status of the espresso machine.

Milk Frother

If you dig cappuccino, latte macchiato, and other milk drinks, then the classical milk frother feature will whet your interest. The classical milk frother will turn milk into tasty and velvety froth within just a few seconds. The milk frother can also be used to deliver hot water for tea.

Mavea Water Filter

Gaggia Anima is fitted with the Mavea water filter, which helps in filtering water to remove impurities and reduce scale build up. This also helps in maximizing flavor and aroma extraction.

Programmable Setting

The brains behind Gaggia Anima vividly understand that coffee lovers have varying taste and preferences. Some may want their coffee strong will other will not. As a result, the espresso machine comes an electric control panel that helps you program the dispensing buttons to suit your own personal coffee taste.

Optiaroma System

When combined with the programmable dispensing system, the Optiaroma System helps you to brew and get your preferred coffee aroma. Depending on the dose of the coffee desired, it influences the coffee in a compressed pack by allowing hot water to run through the puck.



The programmable dispensing system enables users to brew according to their preference. You can easily change and set different parameters including strength and temperature to suit your liking.

Improved Pressure

Pressure plays a critical role in the quality of espresso you will brew from a machine. Fortunately, Gaggia Anima comes with a 15 bar pressure that will ensure that you get the unmistakable authentic espresso taste.

Saves Energy

With Gaggia Anima, you don’t have to worry about your utility bill skyrocketing due to using this machine. The machine is designed to switch off automatically after one hour without use. The Gaggia Anima also features a standby mode that will only drain less than 1kW/h.

Easy to Clean

The Gaggia Anima features an auto-clean functionality that is activated with just a touch of a button. The auto-clean cleans the milk carafe. Apart from the fully automatic rinsing, the machine also features a fully automatic descaling function. The brewing group is also removable for easy cleaning, and this promotes better machine hygiene for a flawless coffee taste.


With it great features and functionality, Gaggia Anima represents a good investment. It is best suited for home and office use due to its easy to use features.

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