Jura ENA Micro 1 Review – Worth The Investment?

Jura ENA Micro 1 (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Buying an espresso maker when you’re the only one in your family, home or office is like throwing money directly into the trash, but taking regular trips to the coffee shop can hurt your wallet too. We think that the Jura ENA Micro 1 is a good espresso maker for single users who want to save on their expenses. Though this espresso machine does cost more than some might want to spend, it makes such delicious espressos that you’ll think there’s a barista hiding in your kitchen.

Worth the Investment?

We believe that the Jura ENA Micro 1 is worth the investment but especially to those who live in small homes like apartments or dorm rooms and those who do not need to share a coffee maker with anyone else. It has a compact design and can fit in any space that is at least nine inches. A lid on the hopper preserves the flavor of odor of your beans, even during weeks of storage.

Customized settings inside the machine can maintain your preferences and the preferences of up to two other users. The ENA Micro 1 is really best for those who like espressos though because it doesn’t really make other drinks. You’ll need to heat and add your own milk to make some drinks and mix the espresso with hot water to make others. Though it’s more expensive, the C65 from Jura can make espressos as well other fun and trendy coffee drinks.


Those who need to make coffee for a large group or a pot to share with the family in the morning will find that they have a number of options available, but the same can’t be said of those looking for something smaller. That is one reason why the ENA Micro 1 from Jura is so popular. This coffee machine allows you to make an espresso and change the strength of that espresso, which tells the machine how much water to add.

As you set up the machine, you’ll need to tell it the cup size that you use, which tells it how much coffee to brew. This small setting is one that you can change daily or hourly to fit with your preferences. To make a cappuccino, latte macchiato or any other coffee drink, you’ll need to heat water or milk to the temperature that you prefer and add that liquid to your cup before or after making an espresso.

Two features on this machine that help your beans last longer are a lid on the hopper and an intelligent preheating system. This lid locks in place to keep the beans safe from any odors in your home and to keep debris from falling inside the hopper, and its intelligent preheating machine uses heat to gently roast the beans, which enhances their flavor. Its energy saving mode keeps the ENA Micro 1 from using more of your energy too.


• Can select from three cup size settings to brew a single shot, double shot or a larger amount
• Touch setting lets you select the aroma level or strength of the coffee brewed from your beans
• Intelligent preheating system warms up the machine quickly to ensure that coffee comes out at a higher temperature
• Energy saving mode comes on automatically to reduce the power used and consumed by the machine
• Ultra compact design makes it one of the smallest super automatic espresso makers available
• Program settings allow up to three people to save their own settings to the machine
• Requires just nine inches of counter space to properly use the ENA Micro 1
• Adds a small amount of crema to the top of all espressos made and poured
• Locking lid on the bean hopper retains the flavor of your beans and keeps the beans fresh
• Nice design that uses black and silver to help it blend with your kitchen design


• Can only make a single cup of espresso with each individual cycle
• Requires adding more hot water and heating your own milk to make other drinks

Jura ENA Micro 1 (Check Price on Amazon.com)