Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Coffee Center Review – Worth The Investment?

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Coffee Center (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Are you an espresso and cappuccino lover who cannot justify spending thousands on a new coffee maker? The Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Coffee Center just might be your new best friend. This super automatic espresso machine is more affordable, can make a single cup at a time and both runs and starts up faster than larger machines do.

Worth the Investment?

The Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Coffee Center is worth the investment because it has a variable brewing chamber that lets you make one cup and then make a second or even third without resetting the machine. It also has fine foam technology for frothing milk to the right consistency based on the recipe you want to make and a heating pump that comes up to temperature quicker for steaming milk and brewing beans. Jura designed an energy saving mode that keeps the ENA Micro 9 from using electricity when you finish brewing.

When you use beans that are naturally oily, those oils can clog the machine and require that you clean it more often. It also comes with a much smaller water tank than other machines. Though we still recommend the Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Coffee Center, we think some might prefer the Jura A1 Micro 90 or the GIGA 5.


The name of the Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Coffee Center gives you an idea of just how easily you can use this machine to make a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning or when you need some energy later in the day. It’s not the best machine for homes filled with coffee drinkers because it makes one cup with each cycle, but it comes up to temperature so quickly that you can get a second cup from that cycle. The ENA Micro 9 has a smaller design and a compact footprint that requires less space in your kitchen.

Though some may not like that it doesn’t come with a milk container, the ENA Micro 9 from Jura does have a cappuccino frother and fine foam technology that you can use directly in your cup or mug to froth your milk. This frothing tool sits on the side of the coffee spouts that actually adjust to help you fill any type of cup without coffee and milk splashing over the sides.

To help you save on energy, Jura includes a zero energy switch and an energy saving mode. The energy saving mode comes on automatically after you finish brewing and pouring your coffee. You can flip the zero energy switch to keep the machine from using any energy.

A new and modern heat pump inside turns the heat up as soon as you turn on the Micro 9 to heat the water you use and to increase the temperature of all the components inside. This helps you make coffee in less time and also reduces any of the waiting that you would otherwise do before making a second cup. The Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Coffee Center easily outperforms other espresso machines from Jura.


• Variable brewing chamber reduces time spent waiting between cups and lets you adjust the strength of the coffee
• Fine foam technology steams and mixes milk to the perfect texture for a cappuccino
• Specially designed heat pump increases the temperature of the water and the heat inside the machine faster
• System will heat the beans to produce more aroma and extra more flavor from the beans before brewing
• Has a switch you can hit to keep it from using any energy
• Switches to standby mode automatically to prevent the energy it uses or wastes
• Choose between two coffee flavor/strength levels
• Two adjustable spouts fill one cup quicker and lift up for taller cups
• Locks in the natural flavor and scent of the beans via a sealed bean hopper
• Makes a variety of drinks, including an espresso and latte macchiato


• Beans with more natural oils can increase the frequency of clogs
• Its removable tank cannot hold as much water as you might need

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Coffee Center (Check Price on Amazon.com)