Jura J90 Automatic Coffee Machine Review – Worth The Investment?

Jura J90 Automatic Coffee Machine (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Though the Jura J90 Automatic Coffee Machine looks a little like a professional espresso maker, it’s actually easy to use and comes with a manual that helps you make coffee drinks in just a few minutes. A built-in filter cartridge, which you can easily replace later, removes all those small contaminants from your water that can leave a bad taste in your coffee. We give you the chance to view and pros and cons of the J90 and see whether it’s worth the investment before you examine this model up close.

Worth the Investment?

Though we highly recommend the Jura J90 Automatic Coffee Machine, we do not recommend this model for anyone who prefers a cappuccino over an espresso. While it does come with a vacuum milk canister that attaches to the machine, it can’t quite get that milk up to a high temperature. You’ll either need to deal with cooler milk or warm that milk before making coffee.

Most people will really like the stylish and elegant look of the J90, which features a silver lacquer finish that looks just like stainless steel and will match any chrome appliances in your kitchen. It has a rotary switch on the steam wand and a TFT display on the machine itself. You can use the fine foam technology used by the steam wand to add a lightweight milk froth to a cup.

One Jura model in this same price range that will fit your budget is the ENA Micro 90. the Micro line from Jura combines style with convenience and helps you make one cup of coffee whenever a craving strikes.


In addition to having a great look, the Jura J90 is just plain easy to use. Even if you never made espresso at home before, you can use the J90 to make the perfect shot in seconds. All you need is some water in the reservoir and enough beans in the hopper.

Once you feel comfortable making a simple drink, you can move up to one of the other recipes built inside this machine. It can make a latte macchiato with a thick layer of cream sandwiched between two layers of coffee with even more cream on top as well as a cappuccino with just a light dusting of milk foam on top. The manual that comes with this model explains what each drinks is and how it will look.

The main flaw we found with the J90 is that the steam wand doesn’t work quite as well as most cappuccino lovers would like. You’ll need to remove the milk from your refrigerator, add it to a canister, hook the canister to the steam wand attachment and select the type of foam or cream that you want. The milk that comes out is quite chilly though and can significantly drop the temperature of your coffee.


• Silver lacquer finish added to the outside looks like stainless steel and gives the J90 a metallic look
• Can adjust both the coffee spout and the frothing attachment spout to pour coffee and milk into any cup
• Rotary switch features small images of coffee drinks to help you select the type of drink you want and the amount and type of milk needed
• TFT display has an intuitive design that anyone can quickly learn how to use
• Produces milk with a more lightweight texture that won’t overwhelm the coffee
• Aroma+ grinder increases the speed at which it grinds beans without changing the aroma created from those beans
• Makes multiple types of coffee drinks that combine coffee with milk or cream and water
• Built-in recipes help you make drinks with a single touch that taste like barista drinks
• Can customize any type of drink based on features or elements like water temperature and amount of milk used
• Includes a vacuum milk container with a hose that attaches directly to the steam wand


• Does not heat milk up to as high of a temperature as other machines can
• Will need to buy new filter cartridges and replace those cartridges yourself

Jura J90 Automatic Coffee Machine (Check Price on Amazon.com)