Jura Z8 Aluminum Touch Screen Super Automatic Coffee Center Review – Worth The Investment?

Jura Z8 Aluminum Touch Screen Super Automatic Coffee Center (Check Price on Amazon.com)

As you look at espresso makers for sale, you might take it for granted that many come with a great display on the front, but Jura was the first company to release these machines with a built-in display. The Jura Z8 Aluminum Touch Screen Super Automatic Coffee Center was actually the first one available with a touchscreen display, which lets you touch the screen to make a selection. The Z8 can make more specialty coffee drinks than almost any other machine and gives you the option of customizing any drink you make.

Worth the Investment?

The Jura Z8 Aluminum Touch Screen Super Automatic Coffee Center has a nice look that includes an aluminum case that completely covers the exterior and black accents that add to the modern styling of the machine. It has 15 settings for espresso drinks and a number of other settings that let you brew more than 20 different types of coffee. Not only can you make barista drinks, but you can use the Z8 to brew a full pot of coffee.

An Aroma G3 grinder is a highly efficient grinder that produces a richer aroma as it brews and allows the coffee that you use to taste more flavorful. With its fine foam technology, you can change the thickness of the milk foam that you add to a coffee drink.

We believe that the Z8 is a good super automatic coffee center, but you should keep in mind that Jura offers limited support for this model and no longer sells it through the company. The GIGA W3 Professional is a much better option from Jura.


Upon first glance, the Jura Z8 looks like a restaurant espresso maker and not a home model. Its elegant look comes from the aluminum panels used on the machine’s case. The espresso maker also has a touchscreen display that lets you save time fumbling with switches and knobs to just touch the screen to select a coffee and input your preferences.

Specialty coffee drinkers will love that they can use the Z8 to make more than 20 different types of coffee, including brewing one or two cups of coffee or brewing a complete pot. You can make an espresso lungo, cafe latte, latte macchiato and cappuccino too. There are even two different milk settings for adding a splash of milk to your coffee or creating milk foam for a cappuccino or similar drink.

Active bean monitoring keeps a watchful eye on the bean hopper, which stores more than eight ounces, and uses the display to tell you when your supply runs low. A similar built-in monitoring system keeps track of the amount of water in the reservoir also. Jura even put a monitoring device inside the drip tray that keeps track of any spills and tells you on the display when to clean and empty that tray, which slides out from the front of the Z8.


• Has 15 different settings for making espresso drinks that include espresso, flat white, cafe latte and espresso lungo
• Can pick from two different coffee settings for brewing standard coffee and a separate setting for brewing a whole pot of coffee
• Pulse extraction process uses pressurized pulses when grinding the beans to extract flavor from your beans
• Is compatible with the Jura Coffee App that you can download to your phone for using and setting up the machine with your phone
• Aroma G3 Grinder releases the aroma of freshly roasting coffee from the machine
• Fine foam technology can create a thinner foam for certain drinks and a thicker foam for others
• Program options let you set the milk and water temperature, coffee strength and aroma and brewing temperature
• Has a save feature that will retain your selections inside its memory
• CLARIS smart water filter purifies water to improve the taste of your coffee
• Coffee spouts on the front adjust to different heights and widths


• Jura replaced the Z8 and now offers limited support for the model
• Requires the purchase of optional accessories to use all features on the machine

Jura Z8 Aluminum Touch Screen Super Automatic Coffee Center (Check Price on Amazon.com)