Miele Super Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews – Picking The Best One For Your Needs

Miele is a name that many coffee lovers know because the company makes so many professional models. You’ll even find some built-in designs that the company installs in restaurants and shops. If you want to make coffee at home that tastes like those cups your favorite barista makes, you can’t go wrong with a Miele model.

Though the company only makes a small number of models suitable for home use, we discovered that its CM 5200 Black Countertop Coffee System is the best one available on the market today. The CM 5200 is a whole bean system that can make four different drink types and can also make double shots, making it the best choice for brewing a cup early in the morning or for making a cup later in the day to give you a little more energy.

ProductImageReview Scores 
Miele CM 5200 Black Countertop Coffee System9.8Check Price on Amazon
Miele CM 6310 Countertop Coffee System in Black
9.6Check Price on Amazon
Miele CM 6310 White Countertop Coffee System9.5Check Price on Amazon
Miele CM 5000 Black Countertop Coffee System
9.4Check Price on Amazon
Miele CM 5100 Black Countertop Coffee System9.2Check Price on Amazon

Top Six Miele Super Automatic Espresso Machines on the Market

Miele CM 5200 Black Countertop Coffee System

Miele CM 5200 Black Countertop Coffee System (Check Price on Amazon.com)

The CM 5200 Black Countertop Coffee System is our number one choice for a super automatic espresso machine from Miele. We love that it comes in a rich black finish that incorporates chrome accents to give it a more modern look. Coffee lovers with appreciate its ease of use and how quickly they can make a cup in the morning.

A removable drip tray on the front features a number of holes that catch any liquid that the machine produces and any liquid that spills over your cup and pushes that liquid down into the drip tray. It takes just a few minutes to pull off the tray, clean it and put the tray back in place.

The CM 5200 can make a wide range of coffee drinks, including traditional drinks like a cappuccino and some of the trendier drinks that you see in coffee shops. It comes with four built-in recipes that you can select from the main menu. When you opt for a drink that uses milk, the machine will even add the milk to your cup at the right time and ensure that the milk comes out at the optimum temperature for your drink selection.

In addition to standard and trendy drinks, this machine can pour a double shot of espresso. A double shot is perfect for those days when you need more energy. You can also pour a double shot into a larger cup and mix with sugar, cream and other toppings of your choice.

As a whole bean system, the Miele CM 5200 can do everything necessary for making a cup for you, including grinding the beans and brewing those beans with water. You’ll even get a stainless-steel flask that keeps your milk at the optimum temperature.

Miele CM 6310 Countertop Coffee System in Black

Miele CM 6310 Countertop Coffee System in Black (Check Price on Amazon.com)

The CM 6310 Countertop Coffee System in Black is the best Miele model for shared homes and offices. Its internal memory can remember the settings for up to four users. You can each create your own profile and store that profile inside.

This is a great feature because it reduces the number of steps you need to take when brewing a cup of coffee. You can simply select your profile on the screen and watch as the machine uses your past settings to make a cup just for you.

Thanks to its integrated lighting system, you can always see your cup too. The next time you wake up and want coffee, you can make a cup without turning on every light in the house. This light is bright enough for viewing your cup, but it can also help you see the buttons and make changes to how the machine brews coffee.

A direct sensor control panel on the front can display up to two lines of text, which helps you see the selections you made. Four buttons to the left of this panel display popular drink options like a cappuccino and a latte macchiato. When you don’t want to make your standard coffee drink, press one of these buttons to brew something a little different.

Though other machines will brew two cups together, many of those machines will only brew the exact type of drink at the same time. With this Miele model, you can customize each cup and brew two cups with different water temperatures or coffee strengths together. You and your partner or spouse can now get exactly what you want.

Miele also gives you a stainless-steel vacuum flask that connects to the machine with an included hose that keeps milk cold until you need it.

Miele CM 6310 White Countertop Coffee System

Miele CM 6310 White Countertop Coffee System (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Not everyone likes the look of black coffee systems, which is why Miele offers the CM 6310 Countertop Coffee System in white. We think the white version would look great in a more modern or contemporary kitchen. The metal accents used on the front and sides do a good job of picking up on the white finish and making this coffee system really pop.

This system comes with some great features like its ability to retain up to four separate user profiles. If you’re tired of a family member at home or a coworker in your office constantly changing the setting based on his or her preferences, you’ll love knowing that you can now save your own preferences. All the settings that you choose will remain under your profile, including the strength of the coffee brewed, the temperature of the water and even your favorite drink type.

Its OneTouch for Two feature is a feature unique to certain Miele models. This feature lets you brew two completely different cups of coffee without any hassles. You can change the general recipe used in each cup or change other settings to customize each one.

The CM 6310 also comes with its own built-in cup warmer. You no longer need to rinse out your cup and worry about the water changing the taste of your coffee. With this model, you can set your cup down, let the machine bring it up to temperature and then add your coffee to enjoy a cup that stays hotter for longer.

Miele added five classic recipes to this model to help you make a cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato drink or another coffee drink in minutes. The CM 6310 can also make double espresso shots to give you more energy.

Miele CM 5000 Black Countertop Coffee System

Miele CM 5000 Black Countertop Coffee System (Check Price on Amazon.com)

The Miele CM 5000 Black Countertop Coffee System comes with all the features you need for brewing a delicious cup of coffee. Its integrated grinder comes with different settings that give you control over how it grinds your beans. You can use expensive beans and cheaper beans with great results in this machine.

Espresso drinkers will love that this model can make a standard espresso shot or a double shot. A double shot increases the amount of caffeine you get in a single cup, but you can also add milk or more hot water to get that caffeine without the full flavor of the espresso. It can also make a standard cup of coffee, but it comes with a double coffee setting for filling two cups with hot coffee at once.

Thanks to its 61-ounce water tank, making multiple cups for everyone in your home is easy. That tank can make more than six cups of standard coffee or dozens of espresso shots. You can easily remove the tank from the machine for refilling with tap water from your sink too.

Its automatic timer setting lets you set up when it brews coffee. Setting the timer the night before can even help you wake to the aroma of fresh coffee. You can also use the timer to set up how long the machine will run before shutting itself down, which ensures that you never run out the door again and leave your coffee machine on.

An LCD display on the front shows two lines of text and allows you to view information about a single cup that you brew or two cups that you brew in the same cycle. The CM 5000 also has a manual steam valve for steaming and frothing liquids.

Miele CM 5100 Black Countertop Coffee System

Miele CM 5100 Black Countertop Coffee System (Check Price on Amazon.com)

The Miele CM 5100 Black Countertop Coffee System is a whole bean coffee system that can do everything you need to do to make a cup of coffee without taking up a lot of space. It comes with a 61-ounce water reservoir that can make multiple shots of espresso or several cups of coffee, making it a great choice for both homes and offices. Provided you have enough beans and water on hand, you can always make cups for guests, loved ones, coworkers and even clients.

A drip tray located on the front of the coffee system has a metal cover that slips on and off in seconds. Slots cut into the top of that cover let any liquid that overflows from your cup reach the drip tray. You can easily pop off the lid and wash the drip tray by hand or in your dishwasher before sliding it back in place.

The steam wand on the front also acts like a milk frothing attachment and comes with a long tube that works with the included stainless-steel milk canister. A knob on the front of the wand lets you decide on the type of steam you want based on how you will use the wand. You can even use this wand to fill the entire canister with warm milk for sharing with a group.

Thanks to a ground coffee chamber, you can even use this machine with decaf coffee, instant coffee powders and other mixes.

Miele CM 6110 Coffee System in Black

Miele CM 6110 Coffee System in Black (Check Price on Amazon.com)

The CM 6110 Coffee System in Black from Miele can make traditional coffee and specialty drinks with minimal effort on your part. Like some of the more expensive models from Miele, it comes with a feature that lets you add up to four user profiles. The machine will retain all the information associated with each profile to help every user brew the perfect cup each and every time.

When you want to brew a cup the way you like it, but someone else wants a different cup, you can use its OneTouch for Two to make both cups. This feature lets you make cups from two different profiles or make cups based on new selections at the same time. Thanks to the integrated lighting feature, you can view both the cups and the display in even the dimmest of rooms.

A bypass door on the side features a chute that bypasses the brewing chamber. This feature helps you make coffee from the ground beans that you buy in the store, but it’s also great for making decaf coffee. As the grounds never touch the brewing chamber, there is no risk of cross contamination.

The CM 6110 comes with a number of customizable features too. You can change the way it grinds beans or even how fine it grinds your beans. You also have more options when it comes to brewing, including coffee flavor strength, water temperature, cup size and amount of water.

Which is The Best Miele Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

The CM 5200 Black Countertop Coffee System (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Winner: The CM 5200 Black Countertop Coffee System

While you have a few options when it comes to Miele super automatic espresso machines that you can use at home, we think the CM 5200 Black Countertop Coffee System is your best choice. We like that it has a slightly matte black finish and that the manufacturer breaks up that overall black finish with the use of accent pieces in chrome. It will look great on your counter and may become the focal point of your kitchen.

Miele gives you a stainless-steel milk flask that keeps your milk icy cold or scalding hot. With the attached steaming wand, you can lightly steam that milk before adding it to your cup or make a rich and delightful foam that adds the perfect touch to a cappuccino. With its removable drip tray, you won’t worry about accidents because you can easily clean up any spilled liquids.

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